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PostPosted: Tue Oct 09, 2007 6:26 pm    Post subject: Live Jasmin Reply with quote

OK I will admit I am upset, so figured I would share with you. I have an account with Live Jasmin. I go there to chat with one person. I log into my account and check my favorite list to see if she is there.

Well today I logged in and I got a message saying that I can not access that because I have not purchased any tokens in 30 days. I checked my account and found I still have over $30 in tokens left. I also know that I last visited my friend less the two weeks ago.

To me this policy is wrong. It is nothing more then an attempt to force people to buy more tokens. I would understand if I had no tokens and had not visited anyone in over a month. But to base it totally on when I last purchased is wrong.

If there is a next time I will not buy as many tokens as I did, and that will also lead to spending less. I prefer to buy a larger amount of tokens that way when I am chatting I do not get a end of chat until I leave.
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PostPosted: Tue Feb 19, 2008 12:15 pm    Post subject: more about this Reply with quote

well let's take this one step farther. I still can not use their site, so I spoke to support and asked them to close my account and refund me the balance of my account which they said they would. I should note the original creditcard I used, I closed and have been using a different one.

I explained this to Andrew and after some conversation he said he would credit the amount to the card I was now using. I got an email that gave me a transaction number and a refund number.

I waited almost a month and never saw the credit to my account. So I called them back and spoke to Tamas there. All he would say was the money had been credited and check with my bank and he told me the old cc bank. I explained it was not supose to go there.

Well anyways I called that bank and they were nice and checked and found no record of a refund. They said I needed to contact them and get the actual transaction numbers, not their internal number so they could locate it.

Well a month and a half later, all I get is a run around from Clear Cash (LiveJasmin's processor (and owner). They keep saying it is my banks fault and I need to contact them., I explain again I did and nothing. I have asked for an owner or supervisor and told his name is Oscar. Every time I call he is never there. I have given them my phone number and emails and told he would contact me and not a word.

After two months and many wasted calls today was the last straw, I finally told them to keep my money and go buy dinner on me. It is not worth the problems and frustration.

So I just want to warn anyone who deals with any of their sites to be careful if you try to get a refund and make sure you get all names from the start.
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PostPosted: Fri Feb 08, 2013 7:51 pm    Post subject: Live Jasmin Reply with quote

If you think they treated you bad then think of the models. They added a fan club feature but you have to make a certain amount of money per pay period to be abled to open a fan club. They added a feature so models could upload videos but again you have to make a certain amount per pay period or they won't list the video for members to see. That's why I never uploaded any videos. Then they decided to change the payment structure for the models. You start off at 30% and only go to 35% once you are over $100. It's like a pyramid. You have to get to a certain amount to get the extra 5%. Once you're over $300 it's 40%. It's like 6 levels. The maximum you can get is 60%. You can get to 80% if you are referring members. It's hard to make money because I would go online and have 50 to 100 wankers in my free chat are. One night I had almost 300 wankers. I just recently logged in after I realized I still had earnings due to me to find out that they claim my video quality is very bad so they put me at the end of the list. It's just not worth the trouble. They pay the lowest in the industry and it's too much trouble trying to work that site on a regular basis. The good news is that since they put me at the end of the line I don't have as many wankers comming in my room. They can still find me whenever I decide to log in and go online.
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PostPosted: Wed Feb 11, 2015 10:58 am    Post subject: A solution for you both possibly? Reply with quote

Hey there, Sorry to hear about your problems.

It's a funny business camming, I've learnt a whole lot over the past years as Myself and partner have studied a lot of sites so we can grow our business in the best way.
MistressDebauchery, Have you considered going independent at all? It's really not as hard as it sounds. especially for you guys not in the UK! the only % you would lose would be what your payment processor takes. Typically 5-15%

Also there are sites that work in a different way than Jasmin / chaturbate.
We currently do a little on Adultwork, our payout in min 75%.

BeeGee, It really annoys us that a site can treat its customers in that way. It does nothing for the hard working people trying to make a living. As a guy who tends to stick with the one girl, why not seek out an independent girl?
It's more personal, you build a better relationship as you both get to know each other and if you have any payment issues a simple e-mail to the girl will usually sort it all out, after all she is her own boss!

Hopes this helps guys, MistressDebauchery, feel free to email us about AW if you like.

Britney & Ken xx
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