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So you want to know more about me? My mystery is part of my allure, fueling men’s fascination with Me. I am Beautiful. I am Demanding. I am Intelligent. I am Powerful.

My mere presence Demands attention. Striking looks, the body of a Goddess, a sharp fiery wit, an awe-inspiring Presence, and a Magnetism that draws slaves like moths to the flame... This is a mere glimpse at all that is Mora

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If you would like to join me for an intimate one2one chat then, just click the link below to setup a date with me. The minimum amount of time I accept is 30 minutes, or you can contact me for more information.



About Me:

Location: United States Sexuality: Straight
Gender: Female Ethnicity: White
Age: 99 Birthdate: May 05
Eyes: Blue Hair: Black
Height: 67 Weight: 105
Measurements: 34D -23-35 Pubic Hair: Shaved
Tattoos & more: panther on my shoulder and back and one on my wrist
Favorite Positions:

What I enjoy:

I like smart men,who know how to treat A Lady

I lay in the dark after such a long day, I try to remove myself from all the stress that consumes my time. I focus on your hands, so much bigger than mine and strong. The room is black, but I can see your hands gripping me. My arms, my thighs, my breasts… I can see your hands as I have a thousand times before...they are almost red against the paleness of my skin. Seeing this in my mind, as real and as fresh as the first time you made me yours, I hear my breathing change. Kissing you is like drowning in every known emotion and sensation on earth. It's like dying and being reborn. It's like a craving that can never go away. You become harder than you were before, and it makes my vision blurry. I want every inch of that hot solidity to be inside me as deep and as strongly as possible. Chills run up my spine and I almost pass out, but come back into the moment as you breathe hot against my ear, I moan because I cannot be silent. I come and I feel the hurt and pleasure and understanding...that this is just the beginning and what we've created between us is infinite.

Turn-Ons / Turnoffs:

My ideal one must be smart and tender, strong and soft. I like my slaves Devoted: 110% completely and utterly to Serving and Supporting Me with everything they have.

My Schedule:

6:00 PM - MIdnight
6:00 PM - MIdnight
6:00 PM - MIdnight
6:00 PM - MIdnight
6:00 PM - MIdnight
6:00 PM - Midnight
I can usually be found online during the times listed above, but my schedule is always subject to change.


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